Welcome to “Thyme and Thymine”!

Hello, blogging world, my name is Christina! I am an American Italian Southern California girl born from a lineage of many generations of classy cooks.  As I can remember growing up, Holidays, Birthdays, Saturdays, Sundays, or any day that ends in “Y” for that matter revolved around Food and making delectable dishes in the kitchen!  Family Life was and still revolves around good eats & loved ones!

Here on this site, I will showcase vintage Italian recipes, passed down from generation to generation, and experimental recipes that I have found and tweak to create a healthier choice/ingredients that are better for your waistline.   Also, here I will post my exploration into the baking world; for, I have always felt confident in whipping up exquisite dishes, appetizers, and soups, but, have yet been able to master the expertise skill of Baking.

Choose to follow me here and explore my family’s favorite Italian creations, healthy alternatives to popular dishes, and the advancements in my baking journey!  I hope you will find something that tickles your fancy and that you may even try a recipe or two!

Just a little bit about myself…

I am twenty-six years old and still working on becoming something.  While living in paradise, I attended the University of California, Santa Barbara in my undergraduate education and studied Cultural Anthropology.  Cultural Anthropology intrigued my interest in cultures and peoples around the world; as, I found myself in several different occasions during my undergraduate education traveling.  I found happiness and gratitude in visiting the countries of Thailand and Cambodia; seeing and meeting people that were so happy with such little.  It was amazing to see smiles of contentment radiating off of people who did not own anything but a smile.  After my junior year of college, I spent a summer studying abroad at Cambridge University in England.  It was in England and traveling to several different European countries, France, Italy, and the Netherlands, where I grew to love the idea of fresh market produce and combining healthy alternatives in meals.

Currently, I am living in California and applying for my Master’s degree to become a Physician Assistant.  It has been a long toll transitioning from a Humanities major to studying science and medicine.  But, ultimately, the two go hand and hand because I feel that you must understand the difference that divides cultures to truly be an influence on somebody’s mental and physical health.  I have hopes to work with and help the underprivileged cultures in our society in teaching what good health is by practicing honest medicine.  My ambitions are to travel, teach, cook, and share my knowledge and recipes with those I love.

Follow me here for my latest pursuits in good eats, good travels, and in becoming a Physician Assistant!


2 thoughts on “About”

  1. I like your posts! Very professional and informative!

  2. You have a very Cool blog! Many greetings from a foodie from Belgium! 🙂

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